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ERMS Misting System

NFPA 1584: “procedures should be in place to ensure that rehab operations commence whenever emergency or training operations pose the risk of pushing personnel beyond a safe level of physical endurance”

Firefighters train and respond for emergency situations causing severe stress on their bodies. The stress is enhanced by the bunker gear and over 30 lbs. of equipment they wear to do their job. Extreme physical exertion has been known to cause core body temperatures to reach over 104 degrees.

  • Up to 25 degree drop in ambient temperature
  • Tank lasts for 3 hrs. per single fill
  • Large 5 inch tank cap for refilling
  • Foldable handles for easy storage
  • 125psi 12vdc pump for micro size mist
  • 6 hrs. of battery pwr. on a single charge
  • Battery status indicator
  • Operates on battery or A/C power plug
  • Quick connect lines for rapid set-up
  • Less than 5 decibels when in operation
  • 8 gallon Tank: 16” X 12” X 16”
  • PelicanTM Case: 14” X 19” X 7”
  • Tent not included
  • One year system warranty
It’s imperative that firefighters and emergency responders follow effective rehab protocol (NFPA 1584). Statistics show most firefighter injuries are caused by physical stress resulting from prolonged exposure to heat.

MIST-ER-COMFORT has a proven method of surrounding the firefighter with COOL refreshing mist to slowly reduce the ambient temperature. This directly correlates to reducing the effects of heat stress and exhaustion. It’s more than just for Rehab Operations; perfect for special events, public education, etc.
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